I have been going to Deep Roots Acupuncture for 4 months.  After exploring my options with medicine and physical therapy (and not satisfied with the results), I went to Lucy for help with numbness in my left arm.  Lucy has helped relieve that pain and more in this short time.  I had been going to an LMT who was trying to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulder muscles in order to help with that numbness; progress was slow until I saw Lucy.  After 1 gua-sha treatment, my LMT noticed a big difference.  On another health issue, I went to my Internal Medicine doctor (who sees me for Type I diabetes) and he noticed that I am much more sensitive to insulin than I have been since I can remember  (I have had diabetes for 41 years).  I would recommend Lucy to all of my friends and relatives.


For over a year, my hands got worse and worse. My prescriptions were changed 4 times. I had to sleep in full wrist braces with splints. I could not open my medicine bottles at all in the morning. All night I alternated rubbing the aching fingers or enfolding them into a warm soothing spot on after the other. When a friend described her distress with similar arthritis in her hands, she said acupuncture was probably the only thing left before she gave up and had surgery. My doctors were pressing me to schedule surgery and I decided immediately that I had to try acupuncture. After my third appointment, my hands had uncurled, I could open all the bottle caps in the mornings, and the gnarled fingers were straightening out and the unbearable pain was gone. Lucy, your care was an absolute comfort and the effect of your treatments were and remain AWESOME!

With greatest appreciation,



In the 5 years I have been seeing you, your shiatsu has helped me where massage has not. I always feel better after seeing you, whether it is for my chronic shoulder injury or my struggle with making decisions in my life. As a bodyworker, I really appreciate your thoroughness and integrity. Thank you.


Shiatsu has been helpful for my irregular and painful menstrual cycles. I came in for a treatment when cramps were just starting and I fully expected them to get worse throughout the day, as they normally do. But following the session, they had dissipated completely. My next period came without any PMS symptoms at all.


Lucy’s touch is just right – it’s caring and in tune with what’s going on. She’s attuned to the energy without holding any judgement.


When I started seeing Lucy for shiatsu, originally for secondary pain associated with a running injury, I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. I felt generally out of control and unable to make progress. Recently, I have noticed that not only has the stress and anxiety disappeared along with the physical pain from the injury, I also feel more positive and alive than I have in years. The circumstances of my life haven’t changed but my response to them is completely different. I have a deep feeling of well-being and peace that I attribute to the sessions I have done with Lucy. Friends and family have commented on my newfound calm as well.


My energy, mood, & resilience have all increased since seeing Lucy.


Shiatsu was helpful in preparing me for the birth of my first child. I felt calmer and had less fear about going into labor following my session with Lucy. It was also wonderful to have the work on my low back and sacrum – I could feel everything relaxing and opening up.


I’ve been receiving monthly shiatsu treatments for six months now. I feel lighter, calmer, and brighter than I have in years – since before my two-year-old and five-year-old were born!


When I went for a treatment, my asthma was bothering me. I was using my inhaler 2-3 times a day and had been for over a month. At the beginning of the treatment I was wheezy and coughing. By the end of the treatment, I wasn’t coughing any more and my wheezing had eased. Now, nearly a month later, I still haven’t needed to use my inhaler.