Pain & Rehab Series

A series of three to five treatments scheduled 1-2 times per week.
This is for folks who overall, feel healthy, but there’s just this one injury that’s getting in the way.

You are used to being active and fit in the way you live your life, to whatever degree time and ability allows you, whether it’s going for that bike ride, working in the garden, throwing hay bales, swimming laps, or even just walking the dog. You find that part of your day or week to be satisfying and it feels great to be active and fit.

But there’s this injury, perhaps acute, perhaps chronic, that is getting in the way of your normal routine. Pain becomes a part of your day and influences what you are able to do and how much. You find that your mood is affected by the discomfort, as well as the lack of exercise. It seems sometimes like the rest of your body is starting to break down as well – it may have started with an ankle, now your knee hurts, and the shoulders are starting to complain as well.

You’ve rested, you may have had physical therapy, you’ve applied ice or heat, you’ve taken the pain killers, but it’s still, stubbornly, not getting better.

When there is a deep block in circulation through an area, healing is slowed. While everything you’ve done is important and can be helpful, sometimes there’s something deeper that needs to move out of the way in order for the tissues to heal in full.

Increased circulation throughout the body is needed to heal aches & pains from injuries or other chronic issues. This includes reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels, and improving metabolism so that cells and tissues can better receive nutrients and repair themselves.

This series of treatments activates the nervous system in order to open circulation. We may use acupuncture, Asian bodywork therapies, or Chinese herbal formulas (Forms of Treatment) as part of treatment. Together, we’ll design a treatment plan that works best for your needs and goals.

We’ll start with the Initial Intake & Health History, and then move into a series of three to five treatments scheduled within the first 2-3 weeks. It’s best at this stage to schedule twice a week, if possible, in order to optimize the improvement between each treatment.

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