Balance & Nourish Series

A series of three to five treatments, scheduled weekly or biweekly.
Help open circulation, encourage flow in your life and health, help support your body in building up your energy reserves and internal resources for maintaining health.
These are recommended following the initial cleansing treatments, but sometimes are an appropriate place to begin your treatments.

You are moving through your day to day feeling, for the most part, pretty okay. There are things that are a little “off” and stress can sometimes build up. There are some health issues here and there that can be annoying, if not a little worrisome. You can keep on pushing, but you can feel a level of fatigue underneath.

004 (3)Many health problems start with little imbalances – lack of sleep leads to exhaustion which leads to stress which leads to shoulder tension which leads to a rotator cuff injury in the shoulder. You can see how things can be connected and have impact on other parts of your life.

My first priority in working with you is opening the free flow of circulation in the body, through the nervous system, the circulatory system, etc. Where there is injury or tension, circulation is limited.

Through acupuncture, Asian bodywork therapy, or Chinese herbs, I open circulation so that the body is able to find equilibrium. This helps the body’s metabolism to function more smoothly so that you can receive more from the food you are eating, the water you are drinking, the air you are breathing.

Open up, and fill. Balance and nourish.

“My energy, mood, & resilience have all increased since seeing Lucy.”

During this phase, treatments are most effective on a weekly or biweekly basis. If you notice initial improvement following treatment that then goes downhill before you get to your next session, you might want to consider coming in a little sooner to best build on the previous treatment.

Questions? I’d love to hear from you.

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