Treatment Series

Treatment is most beneficial with followup sessions. In order to best support you in moving into health and wellness, I offer series of treatments to best match your needs.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Generally, how long have you been dealing with this? It will take time to reverse.
  • Reassessment, treatment goals and recommendations will be made at the end of each series.
  • Each individual is unique. The number of treatments will be very individualized for your situation. 

Cleansing & Restart Series

A series of three to five treatments, scheduled within the first three weeks following your initial visit. This is an excellent place to start for many. It clears the slate to build fresh from a clean foundation. A reassessment and further recommendations are made during the fifth treatment. You haven’t felt like yourself in a […]

Balance & Nourish Series

A series of three to five treatments, scheduled weekly or biweekly. Help open circulation, encourage flow in your life and health, help support your body in building up your energy reserves and internal resources for maintaining health. These are recommended following the initial cleansing treatments, but sometimes are an appropriate place to begin your treatments. You […]

Pain & Rehab Series

A series of three to five treatments scheduled 1-2 times per week. This is for folks who overall, feel healthy, but there’s just this one injury that’s getting in the way. You are used to being active and fit in the way you live your life, to whatever degree time and ability allows you, whether […]

Seasonal & Monthly Maintenance

*Seasonal Tune-up: A series of two or three treatments, scheduled within a month of each other. Recommended with change in season. *Monthly Maintenance: A series of three treatments, scheduled over a three month period. Overall, you feel like you are doing well. There are times when things slip a little, but it’s not hard to come […]