Course of Treatment

How long will it take? And how many treatments?

Everyone responds differently to treatment. You are your own unique case and we won’t know what treatment looks like until we get started. How long have things been off? It takes time to unravel and rebuild when the body has been overcompensating for places of weaknesses. Sometimes treatments can have a deeply profound effect, sometimes results can be more subtle.
WellbeingIn the early stages of treatment, I often recommend coming in 1-2 times a week for the first three to five treatments. This allows us to build quickly on the previous treatment.

Most often, I see people respond the best with a series of treatments until symptoms stabilize, usually within 5-10 treatments.

As symptoms stabilize, we may schedule every other week or move to a more spaced out maintenance schedule of monthly or seasonal treatments.

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Do you have more questions and want to get a feel for whether I can help you or not? You can schedule a time to meet for half an hour and we can talk more about what you are looking for. It’s important to feel comfortable with your practitioner. More information here.

Initial Health Intake, Assessment, & Treatment

Treatment starts with an Initial Intake which includes a detailed health history, a review of body systems (how is your sleep, energy, digestion, etc.), and a lifestyle assessment. This first session is two hours to allow enough time for a treatment in addition to getting a thorough picture of your health goals and needs.

Follow Up Treatment

Follow up care varies hugely from individual to individual. A follow up treatment typically lasts an hour.

Each treatment addresses both your long-term health goals alongside what is happening at the present moment. You may be interested in a series of treatments (more information here) or taking it one treatment at a time. This allows for flexibility, ease and freedom with your schedule.


Sometimes a little mini-treatment boost is beneficial between treatments. This is 30 minutes. If scheduled as a second or third treatment in the same week as another treatment, it is available at a reduced rate.

Treatment Series

Treatment is most beneficial with follow up sessions. I offer series of treatments to best support your health and wellness. More information.

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