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Living in Sync With the Seasons

As each month passes, the seasons carry different qualities that affect how you exist in the world. We often can get swept up in our day to day routines without noticing the change in seasons, let alone the impact that it may have on our lives.

When you slow down, making space for awareness and mindfulness, there can be opportunity to live into greater health and wellbeing.

The Living in Sync With the Seasons Newsletter offers resources to help bring added awareness to your health in relation to the cycling seasons. Included will be tidbits of wisdom for the season, and self care tricks to help invite more health and vibrancy into your days.


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Flying FreeA Wisdom Journey of Your Own

A healing journey can have many ups and downs. In the midst of that it can help to have reminders that you are not alone, with ideas for how to bring greater awareness to the process of healing.

As we move into and through each season, I offer a ritual to mark where you are in your journey as the world changes around you.

May you find inspiration in witnessing and honoring where you are each day, as you integrate the internal work of your healing with the external world of which you are a part.

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