How It Works

You already know about self-care. You are getting exercise when you are able to, you may have joined a yoga class, you may even have a meditation practice, and you try to eat well. You may have reached out for help from other directions as well.  Each of these may have helped some, but not enough.

Stress still lingers, symptoms aren’t resolved yet, and the tendency to get stuck is still present.

Why Hasn’t It Gotten Better Yet?
Three Truths to Healing From Within
How It Works

Why Hasn’t It Gotten Better Yet?

GrowthSometimes the deeper underlying patterns are important to understand before the symptoms you are experiencing can get better. Sometimes, nothing will help what you are feeling until these underlying patterns are addressed. Often our culture focuses on the symptoms themselves instead of what is causing the symptoms.

When things are “off” or “stuck”, when you are exhausted, or in pain, it takes a huge amount of extra effort to maintain healthy patterns of self-care with exercise, food choices, or daily meditation practices.

Some of the approaches you have tried may help aspects on a physical or neurological level while others help on a mental emotional level, but many modalities miss integrating the two together.

Three Truths About Healing From Within

In my experience, I have found three truths that are foundational in accessing true healing from within.

  1. True healing becomes possible when the deepest parts of yourself can be witnessed and known. Safe space and time to be yourself in both your health and  in your utter messy brokenness are essential in the journey to health.
  1. Healing HopeThe physical body inherently knows how to heal itself. Where there are blocks and stagnation on physical, mental, or emotional levels, this self-healing process is disrupted.

  1. Sometimes, you need help getting back on the path to health. When you have the right kind of support, making healthy choices in your life is easy.

How it Works

We often place the responsibility of health in the hands of the doctors and insurance companies. There is a divide between our day to day behaviors and the medical treatment of disease. There are times when western medicine is exactly what is needed, and there are times when it isn’t able to adequately address what is wrong.

When you come in for treatment, we start with collecting details of your health picture. I become the detective, piecing bits of information together in new ways to understand the bigger picture and to develop a treatment plan.

Acupuncture Pulses

In treatment, we’ll focus on three basic strategies of care:

  • clear out stagnation
  • open circulation
  • build up energy reserves

These three strategies help you to return to a place of balance, allowing your body to do its own healing work.

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