Tap In & Tune In: Monthly Mini-Retreats

A Mini-retreat with the Full Moon
Acupuncture, Meditation, Creative Play, Spirit Tending
6:00-8:00 on a Monday or Friday closest to the full moon: check the schedule here.

Each month, on an evening near the full moon, we are creating space for practitioners, teachers, caregivers, those in leadership, those facing and moving through transition, or those feeling stuck, to take a moment to recharge and tune in to a place of alignment with a deeper sense of self. This is a space to gather in community, settle into meditative quiet, a place for restorative attunement with a sense of spirit, a place to explore creative expression from deeper within.

This is an evening retreat, attuning and aligning with deeper aspects of self, in connection with community and in alignment with the full moon. Powerful acupuncture treatments allow you to turn inward, while creative expression provides the perfect outlet for any arising insights. This retreat strikes a balance between contemplation and connection, with space for both silence and sharing. We gather in the warm, cozy community space of The Quill’s Nest at Deep Roots Acupuncture, where tea and art supplies are provided. If you’re looking to support your authentic self and tap back into your true potential, this is the place for you!

What happens when we allow our deeper selves space while gathering with others? 

What happens when the spirit is given space to express itself in new or different ways? 

What is it like to enter healing space in community with others? 

How does the rise of energy with the full moon help carry us into deeper aspects of self – carry us in its swell into new aspects of BE-ing in alignment?

We gather at 6:00, taking a moment to set intentions and create a sense of space for the evening, calling in the directions, elements, or ancestors to be with us during this time. Acupuncture is offered (optional*) with a focus for a deep release of tension and stress. These simple treatments have a profound ability to help tap into a deeper quiet, for the authentic self to have a chance to surface, to dream, to allow for healing. 

(*Acupressure beads to stimulate these points are available. For those who would prefer, opting for meditation without needles is an alternative option during this time.)

Following these treatments, we then move into reflective, mindful, creative space with journals, meditation, collage, drawing, as led. There is a library with poetry, or books about healing. There are tarot decks to draw from. There are candles, and an altar, and calling in the directions and the five elements. This is an open time to move into space of exploration and expression. 

To do this in the presence of community is really exciting to me.

This is not:
A group therapy session
A place to process with others
An expectation to CREATE ART (although art may emerge)

This is:
A place to gather with others
A place for self reflection and exploration
A place to tap into aspects of self that want to be heard and witnessed but often don’t have a chance because of all the other demands that are pulling in every direction
A place to cultivate resilience
A place to explore creative expression
A place to allow new neural pathways to form, to help heal old wounds and traumas
A place for curiosity and spirit to play
A place for tending grief, burnout, exhaustion, stuckness
A place to honor transition and celebrate movement

These are scheduled monthly through the spring, aligned with the cycle of the full moon.
By donation: $10-$35 as you are able.

To Register:
Tap In & Tune In at The Quill’s Nest at Deep Roots Acupuncture, 1222 Rochester Ave.

This is a mask optional event.
Please bring a journal, pen, blanket, cushion, and any other art supplies or ritual tools you’d like to incorporate. 

I would welcome your presence and involvement. Please share with others you think might be interested. 


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