Welcoming You Back: New Safety Precautions to Look For

It has been such a surreal time of unknown for the past two months. As we move forward through these days in May, what I observe most is how we seem to be adapting to new realms of normalcy.

In returning to the office to see you in person, here are some of the changes you will note during these initial stages of reopening.

  1. I will meet you in the parking lot. If you arrive early, you can wait in your car until I come out to greet you. Through your car window we will do a temperature and blood oxygen screening. If temperature is elevated or blood oxygen levels are low, you will be referred to your primary care physician and encouraged to quarantine until symptoms are improved.
  2. The waiting room will not be open to others during your treatment.
  3. I will be wearing a mask, and if you would like to come inside, you will be wearing a mask.
  4. I will escort everyone in and out of the clinic and treatment rooms so that door handles will remain untouched.
  5. Upon arriving, unscented hand sanitizer or use of the bathroom sink to wash hands will be available.
  6. There are HEPA air filters in each room and windows will be opened between each treatment along with standard disinfecting with high quality, unscented sanitizer in each room.
  7. All credit card payments will be handled through Square Invoicing or a card on file to avoid unneeded cross contact. Cash or check will still be accepted as forms of payment.
  8. Table linens will be converted to easily cleaned surfaces, lined with exam paper.
  9. Blankets will no longer be available for draping around needles. Please dress with layers that are easy to adjust around legs, arms, and abdomen. I will keep the rooms warm to help with comfort levels. 

I look forward to seeing you again.


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