COVID-19 Reopening: The HOW & The WHEN

The HOW to reopen is becoming clearer – I’m collecting supplies and getting new systems in place for welcoming people back into the clinic in a safe way. The WHEN is still unclear. The numbers of daily infections statewide are increasing at an alarming rate still. Johnson County cases, however, seem to be slowing at the moment. In the upcoming weeks, I will continue to watch these numbers and start making plans to return to seeing patients in person at 30-50% capacity. I believe it is safe to do so with safety precautions in place. If the data changes for the worse, then we will reassess at that time.

I remain available for phone consults, distance treatments, and herbal support during this time. Please reach out to schedule a time to connect in one of these ways if you like.

Blessings in health and wellness,

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