Changes are Coming at Deep Roots Acupuncture

1222 Rochester Ave,
a new home for Deep Roots.
Doors opening August 12, 2019

In mid-August, Deep Roots Acupuncture will be moving to new space just across town. I will be packing up my books, treatment supplies, and herbal inventory and we’re headed over to the east side of town to a quiet little neighborhood on Rochester Ave, just a couple blocks east of Governor St, tucked in between Glendale and Bloomington Sts.

A Healing Space

I have often thought of my current space as a nest for my practice, one of the first places I settled into when I returned home to Iowa and started my practice back in 2015. When I first walked into this room, I could feel the richness of the energy in the space and what could be possible for my future clients. I recall someone coming to meet me and as she stepped into my room, she burst into tears and said, “Oh, I could heal in this room.” Her words confirmed the feeling that I often had of the sacred space for healing that existed here.

Growing Pains

For the past couple years, however, it has felt like I have outgrown the space. I had been struggling with what to do about that, how to support the growth of the practice (thank you for all your referrals – keep sending people my way!), how to hold the growing herbal inventory, how to better attend to the practical aspects of running a business and the administrative tasks that entails. Sometime last fall, as I was really pushing hard, trying to find some solutions, I found an internal shift. I decided to surrender into the unknown, to stop chasing a solution, but just get my “ducks-in-a-row”, so to speak, so that when the right opportunity would arise, I’d have the information I needed in order to make the necessary moves.

Then, The Ducks Arrived

And then in April, the ducks started showing up in my yard at home. At first, I thought nothing of it – just that it was odd. There’s no water in my neighborhood and I wondered what brought them through. And then there was the morning a few weeks later when a mallard duck was perched on the roof of the neighbor’s house looking in my bathroom window, watching me. I’ve never seen a duck on a roof before. When a few days later, a duck flew up out of the lily patch along the edge of my yard, I paused. There seemed to be a theme here. What was the message of the ducks?!

One of my dear roommates from a previous chapter of my life used to watch for signs – her sign was three red cars. If she saw three red cars in a row, it meant pay attention! Something important is about to happen. I thought of her and these ducks and wondered if there was something trying to get my attention. 

I went into a meditative space and it popped up loud and clear in my mind. “YOUR DUCKS ARE IN A ROW! IT’S TIME! GO EXPLORE!” So I hopped online and saw a space available that caught my attention and went to visit it. The building itself is a little quirky. I walked into the space inside and felt a promising energy of what could become a home for the next phase of my practice moving forward. Every cell of my body has said “Yes!” to the possibilities of what could become in moving to this new space.


It Is A Quieter Neighborhood 

The space is further from the trains and the ambulance sirens and the continuing neighborhood development in this end of town (oi, the jack hammers!). 

Restful Treatment Space

My administrative space will be separate from the treatment room. This means there will be more restful space for you while needles are in. And I will be right there if needed, able to pop in with ease.

Additional Appointment Availability and Flexibility

There will be an additional treatment room, opening up flexibility in scheduling. I look forward to being able to have more time available in my schedule to more fully meet the needs and schedules of those I am working with without having to raise my fees as often in order to meet increased overhead expenses. 


It has been wonderful sharing space and practicing alongside Maureen, Therese, Anita, Sam, and, when she was here, Helen at 720 S. Dubuque St. There is, of course, sadness, in leaving this space and the collegiality of working alongside other practitioners. It has been a rich and supportive environment to build a practice.

And, the time feels right to step out into new directions.

I hope that you find the new space as rich and promising as the current space for you to move through your own healing journeys in partnership with the acupuncture and herbs at Deep Roots Acupuncture. I look forward to our continued work together.

1222 Rochester Ave.

Scheduled treatments will continue at 720 S. Dubuque Street through August 9. Doors will open at 1222 Rochester Ave. on August 12. I look forward to seeing you there!

If you would like to schedule a time to come in, feel free to reach out via phone or email or visit the online schedule here: SCHEDULE ONLINE


And a Save the Date!

An Open House Celebration will be held on Sunday, September 22, 2019 2:30-5:00. 

More Details:
You Are Invited To An Open House Celebration
Information & RSVPs here!

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