Spring Renewal – Bursting Forth in Spring

With the arrival of sun and warmth, flowers and trees are bursting into bloom, leaves are starting to unfold, and migratory birds are returning to the neighborhood. All around us, we can see the energy of Spring: rapid growth, movement, and change.

One of my assignments in acupuncture school was to sit outside for 15 minutes every day for a week. During that time, I honed my observational skills, while watching the changes in the season on a more subtle level. Watching how our health is a) affected by the change in seasons, and b) what the change in season is like inside each of us has always fascinated me.

As the leaves on the maples and the other trees start to unfold this week, the world is looking brighter, cleaner, and softer. The rain and warmth from the sun helps to wash the

world clean and nourish the plants and all living things. It is as though the unfurling is a natural result of the plants relaxing in the warmth and in the rain.

What can we learn from this? What is your source of cleansing and nourishment? Your sun, wind, and rain? Are you able to relax to let growth and change happen where it’s needed in your life, even if it’s uncomfortable? 

The springtime is a powerful source of cleansing for the earth. In our bodies, the liver is the organ that is most strongly associated with this season, as it filters the blood and helps to break down fats and hormones. The channel associated with the liver runs through adductor muscles in the inner leg . The other day in my dance, movement, and fitness class (it’s a thing called NIA and you should check it out at Body Moves Fitness in Coralville!), we had a moment where we practiced sidekicks to the left and to the right. The quick, abrupt movements felt so good through those muscles in the inner leg. Not only was it a release for pent up anger and irritability, but it was also invigorating and relaxing. It helped to open up the liver channel, increasing circulation throughout the whole body. This in turn left me feeling more relaxed, open, and well.

What parts of your heart are unfurling like the leaves of the trees or the petals of the flowers these days? Can you offer a promise or intention to these tender parts of yourself to allow for the nourishment and cleansing that your body and spirit need? What are three things you could do today to welcome the sun, wind, and rain of Spring into your body?

Blessings in growth and wellness,


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